Fan videos featuring Alucard

Symphony of the Night Beginning ParodiesEdit

thumb|500px|right|Short Castlevania Leggy Tribute

Richter vs Alucard ParodiesEdit

thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Rhapsody of Ruin - Alucard vs Richter flash video thumb|500px|right|Alucard vs. Richter Belmont in Soul Calibur III thumb|500px|right|Anima Osasco 2 - Cosplay Show - Castlevania

Symphony of the Night EndingsEdit

thumb|500px|right|CastleVania Symphony Of The Night (Parody) Alternate End


thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Alucard Tribute thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Alucard Tepes Slideshow Tribute thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Alucard Tribute thumb|500px|right|alucard castlevania memories1 thumb|500px|right|Alucard thumb|500px|right|alucard risen by castlevania symphony of the night thumb|500px|right|Tribute to Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Cosplay WalkonsEdit

thumb|500px|right|AWA 2007 - #005 Alucard thumb|500px|right|Nan Desu Kan 2007 - #10 Alucard

Other ParodiesEdit

thumb|500px|right|Castlevania SotN: The LP in Review (Alucard's Song)

Cosplay SkitsEdit

thumb|500px|right|Maria Reinhard & Alucard-Castlevania Judgement. ConComics Music Concurso Cosplay thumb|500px|right|Castlevania - Alucard and Lisa


thumb|500px|right|Ermac (Mortal Kombat) vs Alucard (Castlevania) (wwe chamionship)

Newgrounds Flash VideosEdit

Alucard's Creek

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