Fan SpeculationEdit

There is a fan speculation between Barlowe and Shaft from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In SotN, Dracula will mention that he was given flesh again by the will of humans, since Shaft was the one that resurrected him. Barlowe will mention that mankind needs a savior such as Dracula because there is darkness in everyone's hearts. It is also speculated that Barlowe is a descendant of Shaft, since they both offer up their souls to oversee Dracula be resurrected. This can be proven further as he is a dark-based enemy and thus weak to holy. Another possibility is that Barlowe has a connection to the Belnades Clan, due to him using fire, ice and lightning attacks, much like Sypha Belnades and her descendant Yoko Belnades. This is backed up by the fact that he and Sypha both use books to cast their magic attacks. However, unlike Sypha, he speaks in what can only be assumed to be Latin when casting spells. He will say "Tonitrus" for the Electric Ramming attack, "Ustio" for the Homing Fireball attack, and "Glacius" for the Floor Freezing attack, as Sypha never says words whenever she uses attacks.

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