The sequel to Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles.


  • Efrain Lecarde - After a brave fight over the haunted events, The presence of evil had vanished in the Von Viltheim district. After a few years, It's the year 1781. In the middle of the night at Segovia, Spain, Efrain received a message sent by the Pope himself After meeting with the Pope. he turns to investigate the ancient Rome remains.
  • Death - The God of Death returns to Efrain's sight in the Ancient Rome remains, steals Efrain's weapon - The Lecarde Family Sword that was received from the Pope Innocent X in 1650 as a gift - and claims that his weapon will be waiting for him in France. Efrain then travels to France and begins his new adventure in a small Town called Saint Anselme Village.
  • Von Viltheim Family Members - Since Efrain freed the demon's curse from Von Viltheim Family during his previous adventure, now Efrain can use magic powers that was originated from various Von Viltheim Family Members.
    • Anna Von Wiltheim: A member on Von Viltheim family that originally meant to be the bride of one unnamed Lecarde ancestor but was abandoned for some reason. She then committed suicide in desperation.
      • Because of this, Anna's ghost can only be harmed with all Von Viltheim equipment dressed on
  • Alucard - Alucard encountered Efrain in his adventure.
  • Gregoire Count of Servigny: Birth in 1580, perished in 1662
  • Jeanne Countess of Servigny: Birth in 1585, perished in 1668
  • Maximilien Count of Servigny: Birth in 1605, dealt with demons to gain immortality and extended lifetime. The destined years of his death should be 1899; but as the dark forces of Duchy of Guillecourt rises he's awaken again and being slain by Efrain in 1781.
  • Count La Tourvelle
  • Constance D' Albaret
  • Duke Guillecourt: He captured Christine and plan to sacrifice her in order to revive Lucifer and spread chaos to the world.
  • Christine Chanterene: A girl being caught by dark forces of Duchy Guillecourt and is meant to be the sacrifice of reviving Lucifer
  • Lucifer: The creator and master of Castle of Eternal Night.


  • Weapon, equipment and map: This time it's a exploration-based game, It has a subscreen system and a map system in favor of modern-style Castlevania series.
  • Sub-weapons: Five different sub-weapons available, same as previous game: Dagger, Cross, Axe, Holy Water, Diamond
    • Related items:
      • DOUBLE SHOT: Shoots 2 Sub-weapons in a row.
      • TRIPLE SHOT: Shoot 3 sub-weapons in a row.
      • QUADRUPLE SHOT: Shoot 4 sub-weapons n a row.

(If glitch being activated in Medusa boss fight, there's a way that triple shot and quadruple shot can be obtained much earlier than they originally should)

  • Aura Blast System: You can switch freely between available Aura Blast levels to perform the magic you need to unleash. It was divided into two different types: Holy Aura and Von Viltheim Aura. the two different types can be switched in-action. The current available levels in between Holy Aura and Von Viltheim Aura were divided and don't share each other. The White Orb can increase available Aura Blast level.
  • Hold aura button, then wait for charging to levels you desire to unleash specific magic. You can only release Aura Blast magic on the ground. Jumping/ducking will cancel the charging process.
    • If Efrain is damaged by an enemy while charging up for an Aura Blast, the actual amount of HP lost will be increased (From 2 times to 4 times as much as original.)
    • Level 1:
      • Holy Aura: Divine Sword
        • A quick slash with white aura on the weapon. The attack width is around 3 men's length in front of Efrain, and it deals a very high amount of damage. It's needed to break the first statue in the intro stage.
        • Cost: 8 Hearts (10 Hearts in demo).
      • Von Viltheim Aura: Gerof's Thunder Strike
        • Efrain calls upon Gerof's aid, adding an aura of power to his weapon. It increases Efrain's damage, in varying amounts depending on what he has equipped. When an enemy lands a damaging hit on Efrain, however, the green aura will be lost. It's needed to break the second statue in the intro stage. The same enhance item can be found in various candles, in the favor of the Flame Whip from the Lecarde Chronicles.
        • Cost: 30 Hearts.
    • Level 2:
      • Holy Aura: Sacred Fire
        • Shoot a fire ball with holy aura that will go across the screen. It's needed to unlock a switch in certain area.
        • Cost: 4 Hearts (5 Hearts in demo).
      • Von Viltheim Aura: Leopold's Alchemy
        • Efrain calls upon Leopold's aid, instantly freeing him of any status effects.
        • Cost: 20 Hearts.
    • Level 3:
      • Holy Aura: Holy Lances
        • Efrain throws a very high number of lances in the direction he is currently facing. Enemies unfortunate enough to be in the path of the lances receive damage roughly equivalent to a normal strike with Efrain's equipped weapon. Efrain himself is invulnerable while performing this action.
        • Cost: 25 Hearts (35 Hearts in demo's data).
      • Von Viltheim Aura: Wilheim's Strength
        • Efrain calls upon Wilheim's aid, granting him a drastic increase to his Critical Hit rate. Much like Gerof's Thunder Strike, however, any time an enemy manages to land a damaging hit on Efrain, he will lose the effect.
        • Cost: 40 Hearts.
    • Level 4:
      • Holy Aura: Angel Strike
        • Efrain summons an angelic being, who shoots an arrow that proceeds to dissolve into orbs of holy light. These orbs home in on enemies on-screen, and deal damage on contact. The arrow remains on-screen for a few seconds.
        • Cost: 50 Hearts (60 Hearts in demo's data).
      • Von Viltheim Aura: Liese's Life Recover
        • Efrain calls upon Liese's aid, resulting in a barrage of roses homing in on him. If enough roses make contact with Efrain, he receives healing equivalent to eating a drumstick.
          • The amount of health restored varies between uses, but it's very common to see 4 separate instances of healing per use. It can be upgraded by collecting a certain relic late in the game.
        • Cost: 50 Hearts.
    • Level 5:
      • Holy Aura: Holy Cross
        • Efrain summons a large cross into existence, which brings out a wave of holy power. This deals massive damage to every enemy unfortunate enough to be on-screen when the wave appears.
        • Cost: 120 Hearts
      • Von Viltheim Aura: Katharina's Shield
        • Efrain calls upon Katharina's aid, forming a protective barrier around him. This barrier will negate 6 hits before breaking. While in effect, Gerof's Thunder Strike and Wilheim's Strength will not be lost from taking a hit.
        • Cost: 90 Hearts
  • Player attribute: The player attribute is divided into several values: ATT, DEF, LCK, CRT.
    • ATT: Indicates the amount of damage dealt to enemies.
    • DEF: Indicates the capacity to resist against enemy attacks.
    • LCK: Determines the enemies' rare item drop rate.
    • CRT: Determines the critical attack's success rate.
  • Enemy damage attribute: There are five different attributes Efrain can encounter: Curse, Poisoned, Disabled, Stunned, Weak.
    • CURSE: halves Eftrain's attack power.
    • POISONED: Efrain will lose life over the course of time.
    • DISABLED: Efrain cannot use subweapons.
    • STUNNED/ Efrain cannot use the Aura blast.
    • WEAK: Lowers drasticly Efrain's defense.
  • Magic relics: Since the gameplay style is more akin to modern-style Castlevania series with lots of exploration, there are collect-able magic relics that will enhance Efrain's abilities of action.
    • Silver Wind Statuette: Grants the power of WHIRLWIND ATTACK level 1. Whirlwind can be used when Efrain is standing on the ground. Can deflect enemy shots. Consume lots of Hearts.
    • Golden Wind Statuette: Grand the power of f WHIRLWIND ATTACK level 2. Upgraded Whirlwind attack has shockwaves that will spread to further area.
    • Silver Angel Statuette: Grants the power of DOUBLE JUMP.
    • Golden Angel Statuette: Grants the power of TRIPLE JUMP.
    • Silver Eagle Statuette: Grants the power of AIR DASH.
    • Golden Eagle Statuette: Grants the power of DOUBLE AIR DASH.
    • Golden Medusa Statuette: Grants the power of AIR FLOAT.

(Silver and Golden level are determined by the times you get the relic that grant you the same ability, and not related to the location you get it. e.g. If you didn't get Silver wind statue and go straight to castle machine tower to the location of golden wind statue, you will see the silver one)

  • Backpack: Increase your capacity to carry potions.
  • Large Backpack:Get Maximum capacity to carry potions.

(If you didn't buy normal backpack and head to Castle Vending machine to buy Large Backpack then normal backpack will be also listed in relic list.)

  • Red Mirror: Reveals ghosts in the red mist rooms.
  • Skull Emblem: Open the skull doors located in the Castle of Eternal Night.
  • Crystal Rose: Increase Liese's Recover (Von Viltheim Aura LV.4)'s effectiveness.
  • Day-Night System: The game builds in a Day-Night system that the time will change in a global timer and regardless how many time you spend in the area. Some enemies will change their location in between day-night transition.
  • Rosary: The Rosary makes a return in Lecarde Chronicles 2. Rosary will drop after the defeat of an enemy, or fallen debris/part of boss. It will deal massive damage to all enemies on screen, even boss.




Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 trailer01:55

Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 trailer


  • The drastic change to Efrain's dressing fashion and coloring choice in between Lecarde Chronicles and Lecarde Chronicles 2 is yet to be explained.
  • Since the Lecarde Chronicles 2 project generates positive views from public, the development team chose to give the game actual voice acting. The voice actor list included the original voice actor of Dracula (Douglas Rye) in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and Alucard (Robert Belgrade) in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • The development team of Lecarde Chronicles 2 had a discussion with Konami and it seems that Konami supports the fan project by "gaving them bless".

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