This page will attempt to show videos of the entire castlevania storyline in chronological order. Every part of the games that have dialog or cut scenes will be here. Nothing but spoilers ahead. All scenes found on You Tube.

Lament of InnocenceEdit

Legends (non-canon)Edit

Dracula's CurseEdit

Curse of DarknessEdit

Castlevania AdventureEdit

Belmont's RevengeEdit

Resurrection (Cancelled)Edit

Order of Shadows (Side Story)Edit

Simon Belmont's First BattleEdit

Castlevania IEdit

Vampire KillerEdit

Haunted CastleEdit



Simon's QuestEdit


Super Castlevania IVEdit

(Sequel to Simon's Quest in US Version, remake in Japanese version)

Harmony of DissonanceEdit

Rondo of BloodEdit

Dracula XEdit

(originally a sequel to Rondo of Blood in Japanese version, remake in US version)

Symphony of the NightEdit


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