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Fan FictionEdit

This is a list of the Castlevania fan fics published by FalconPain at

  1. Alien Underlord - A tale of the war between Dracula and humanity, and its effects on hell, told from the outsider perspective of immigrant demon and ocasional boss Galamoth. Many aspects are noncanon. Rated M for bizarre sexual situations. Violence and language is rated T.
  2. Elegy of Faith - The church sends the eldest daughter of Yoko Belnades to stop a vampiric army. Allies are made and lost. Deception waits at every turn. Her morals and ability come into question. And Death is watching her... Multiple endings.
  3. Harvest of Judgment - When Aeon brought the grim reaper himself to the time rift, he could not have predicted how useful Death would be for his purposes, or the decisions he would make along the way. A retelling of Castlevania Judgment... and its consequences.

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