Joacko is the one of Zombie Hunters of characters from video game franchise Gunshot's Saga, appears in Gunshot Overture, based on Albus from the famous Nintendo DS video game Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Story Edit

After defeating Ogre, Joacko his anymore that with Sebastian EXE. The order anywhere in Arica City. Joacko meets Sebastian in night city. however, Janne is missing. It seems Joacko instincts are on target, a evil bear but also strange in this features think that this only appears that.

Gameplay Edit

Joacko plays like in Sebastian EXE: Gunshot's Overture, on the third stage, press S to change character, and then Joacko uses a shotgun and attack you what play the game or Joacko is dashes like X, Zero and all protagonists from the Mega Man series

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