Komiteka Games (also known as KomicsToEXE and Komiteka Chile or also called as Komiteka or often abbreviated as KTE) is a Chilean video game company created by Sebastián Izquierdo Ardiles in Arica, Chile. It founded in 2004

History Edit

Komiteka Games was started in 2004. The franchise called Gunshot's Saga, which was years after the original Castlevania. Starring Sebastian EXE and Janne EXE , and supporting cast and allies as Joacko, Natality, Celine, Celeste, Ina-chan, Dayana, Neo Snake, Maria Asis, Asx, Hobab Wesker, Lisa and villains as Mr. T., Necromancer, Lita, Elizabeth, Iris, First-Blood, five Femme Fatales and more. More information here

Franchises Edit

  • Gunshot's Saga (inspired by Castlevania)
  • Magia Lista
  • Another A.Y.C.E. (inspired by Kirby)
  • El Nuevo 1943 (inspired by Gradius)

External linksEdit

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