Sebastian EXE: Gunshot's Overture
Gunshot overture by komiteka
NES box art



Shoot'em up



Release date

July 2010



Komiteka Games

MJ Games


Gunshot's Saga

Operating system

Microsoft Windows


Game Maker

Sebastian EXE: Gunshot's Overture (simply abbreviated as GunOverture) is a retro styled video game, developed and published by Komiteka Games and MJ Games, sequel to Gunshot Awakening

Story Edit

A 2010 video game takes place after the events of Gunshot's Awakening. The city prospers and comes after the tremendous attack receiving the sorceress called Iris, during the summer, the city faces an endless number of tourists who only come to visit the city with a good tourist in come.

A new battle would occur but for our here even in summer it can rest, because the zombies appear "in broad daylight" in the eyes of a few people. Immediately, Sebastian EXE with a humor that seemed to already be in tatters because his beloved Janne was not at his side, decides to confront the enemy.

However, a Zombie Hunter comes for personal reasons to stop the cause, a new Zombie Hunter called Joacko, who then forms alliance with Zombie Hunter named Sebastian and stop the threat once and for all.

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