Sebastian EXE
Zombie Hunter Sebastian EXE
One of Sebastian EXE's many artworks

Real name

Sebastián Izquierdo Ardiles


Sebastian Belmont


Zombie Hunter






Key Whip



Gunshot's Saga





Sebastian EXE (also written as Seba EXE, Sebita, and Seba or shortly abbreviated as Sebo.EXE in Gunshot's Awakening or simply as Sebastian) is the one of Gunshot's Saga characters and appearance of video games. Based on Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series.

Story Edit

Sebastian has defended his city, Arica City, on several occasions with the help of some people who support giving advice, discover secret places, give details enemies and among others, and most importantly, their arms are always in his adventure. Sebastian EXE is sent to when Zombie Hunter of Arica City and his Janne EXE

His first weapon wielded was the Key Whip. A key spiked mysterious whip that has two keys and Now Overloading version of the whip called Vampire Killer from the video game franchise Castlevania, he's rumored that one opens the gates of heaven, hell and the other. therefore they are elementary light and fark and therefore has a huge elemental power. This weapon then lost in the incident of the battle of 2005.

His second weapon wielded is the Gunshot. Pistol as a Beretta M9 but not like, longer and wider, has a receiver at its tip that its use is unknown (rumored to be a laser sight to aim targets or wided pistol or buster charges like Mega Man and X, and all protagonists from the Mega Man/Rockman series), also It has the strange quality of "not use charger" and offsetting this, use the vital energy or faith user to shoot bullets blessed but not more than 3 bursts. No users have been able to use it, except Sebastian, so it is rumored that must be inheritance and blood lineage. In addition to its strange design and behavior, its creator is unknown and its appearance, comes from industrial times.

Besides that, Sebastian EXE is aided by the church and was given an amulet that materializes objects and sub-weapons through some lanterns that help you on your adventure, it was said that they used the vampire hunter of ancient times.

All this is provided to you not to use his dark powers which received at birth, which is to master skills and copy features of the enemy it faces, making him think that is a traveling mirror, although the difference is as skill and uses for its own benefit.

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