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Julius Belmont vs Dracula in the arcade mode.

Castlevania Fighter is Mugen fighting game created by Serio using the Mugen engine. It's in the style of a boss rush style fighting game similar to Megaman Power Fighter. In the full version players will be able to choose to play as characters such as Simon Belmont (Chronicles and cv4 version), Richter Belmont, Alucard, Hugh Baldwin, Julius Belmont, Carrie Fernandez, Charlotte, Juste Belmont, Slogra or Dmitrii among others. Non-playable boss battles, available in the game's arcade mode include many bosses from the series, such as Death, Succubus, Frankenstein or Legion, culminating with Dracula.

The first demo version was released on 19th September 2008. It contained 8 playable characters: Alucard, Richter Belmont, Simon Belmont, Hugh Baldwin, Julius Belmont, Yoko Belnades, Old Axe Armor, and a Skeleton, as well as many bosses.

On 25th December 2008 a second demo release was made. Along with many bugfixes and some new system additions two new playable characters were added: Albus and a Persephone, as well as three new bosses.

On 31st October 2009 a third demo release was made. Along with many bugfixes, some new system additions and new stage interaction effects four new playable characters were added: Nathan Graves, Maria Renard, Soma Cruz and Charlotte Aulin, as well as four new bosses. Later, in an updated version of demo 3 (not demo 4), another character was released: a Frog.

Later in 2010, the fourth demo got released, along with new characters and bosses, even some brand new english voices got added. The new characters consists of Werewolf, Jonathan Morris, Death, Hammer and Reimu from the Touhouvania series. The new bosses consists of Cyclops, Rusalka, Blackmore, Medusa, Gergoth, Paranoia and Astarte.

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