A Japanese Castlevania clone.

Characters Edit


Assassin Edit

A male assassin, his main attack changes based on the current sub-weapon.


Vampire Hunter Edit

A female vampire hunter, she plays like a traditional Belmont.

Troubleshooting Edit

  • Make sure you have the Japanese language pack installed.
  • Before extracting the game, set your language for non-unicode programs to Japanese. If you don't the game files will not be properly named and the game will crash after selecting your character.

Gallery Edit

Videos Edit

HD VampireBlaze - Gameplay28:09

HD VampireBlaze - Gameplay

Vampire Blaze - Stage 1 (RED)03:54

Vampire Blaze - Stage 1 (RED)

Vampire Blaze Ver 2 sample05:10

Vampire Blaze Ver 2 sample

External linksEdit

Official site - Download

Online Manual (Japanese)

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