Vampire Blood Chronicles

Developer(s) Castlevania Mod Team
Publisher(s) Castlevania Mod Team
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Action and Adventure game
Mode(s) Single player/Multiplayer
Rating(s) Teen
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Media download (PC)

Vampire blood Chronicles: Is a mod for the Jedi Knight Academy game, A quake 3 varient, platform. ultizing the games saber and force system, the player will have weapons and magic implemented. the goal we created was to make a game worthy of the originals everyone has played. We're not here to recreate any of the previous games, its just going to be a mostly old school game, with some added modern elements. Some of the key objects we're focusing on are the textures to not be repetitive in the game, a fault seen in many of the originals.


Moddb Page [1] moddb offical page [2]

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